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“With each breath of AIR, Gain new insights, inspirations, and imagination!”

AIR’s mission: To explore and expose the different aspects of the human experience in the creative arts.

Abstract Illusions Radio was started on August 16, 2007, on after much thought and hesitation. During a meditation, a  strong and frustrated voice stated, “We are so tired of you talking about it…Just Do It Now!” Being guided to her computer, Jen called and started two weeks later. She had amazing guests coming on her live show for one hour program, each Thursday.
Her guest list included Jennifer Hoffman, spiritual counselor/writer, Author/Musician Guy Finley, Metaphysicist Stuart Wilde, Animal-Wise Ted Andrews, healer Anne Cameron, Psychics Pam Aaralyn & Peggy Porter, Steve Gunn, Psychic KimmieRose, Astrologers Terry Nazon and Kelley Rosano, Scottish Spiritualist Jock Brocas, Dr. Louis Turi, PlanetWaves’ Eric Frances, Soulshaping Jeff Brown, Psychic Guide Ainslie Macleod, Sound Healer Rara Avis, Educator Linda Lantieri to name a few of the three years on

Jen continued AIRadio on, and as well. She now focuses on and Youtube for her podcast. Most of those interviews are available on the youtube channel below. Please listen and comments. Subscript and Support this radio program through word of mouth and donations. Thank you.

Her general mission has remained the same throughout the years, including artists, writers, poets, musicians into the mix. Her passion is to support self-expression through the creative arts.

Her Youtube channel link. Or listen on Soundcloud.