Divine in Purple

Divine in Purple

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Music died again yesterday
Or was it just a piece of my heart
perhaps the universe needs more purple
in the galaxy…
another star to shine a bit brighter
to show us the way home.

Tears in shade of purple
cover the world today
flooding with the impact
of the genius
of a 5’2” powerhouse of song and verse

Touching God with one hand
while embracing the world’s soul
with the other
living life his way
on a purple motorcycle of coolness
and divine goodness living in his heart

He died in an elevator
on the way up to Heaven,
after telling his fan
to save their prayers a couple of days.

We are all praying for him now.

He now graces the Universe with his brilliance.
Through songs, he got us through
kept us up and rallying
to be unique and giving us permission
to “Let Go Crazy.”


RIP Prince… the music royalty in Heaven got you now.

#ripPrince #ripPurpleRain